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AI & Universal Healthcare

BasicCare leverages artificial intelligence to make healthcare more accessible across social, economic and linguistic barriers. We're currently trying to detect and stop epidemics before existing healthcare infrastructre realises.

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Trst Stack

Scalable blockchain for business.

We inspire more trust for all relevant stakeholders by creating immutable records and providing the ability to automatically carry out decentralised business logic ( Solutions for enterprises. )

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Grassroot Innovation Programme

Sustainable Innovation

 By amalgamating the conviction of solving a real world problem, and the learning outcomes of experimental problem solving, students are challenged towards implementing a scientific pattern of thinking in real life.

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We work on the bleeding edge of technology, pushing the boundaries of imagination and possibility.

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Our initiatives radically change lives of people, by taking the lab to them.

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Based on our technical research and the change they create, some products are branded and made commercial.


Services we provide :

Our lab provides services for your company, whether you're a startup or an NGO. We set up consultation meetings with prospective clients to better match your needs to our services.

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Irrespective of whether you're interested in working with us, intrigued by our work or just want to discuss politics, we'd love to talk.

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